Bromsgrove and Droitwich Makerspace

Bromsgrove and Droitwich Makerspace


How YOU can help

It's simple: We need people to get the word out!

We urge everyone to tell their friends about the Makerspace idea and generate enough local interest to make it a reality. First of all, the local community need to know about the campaign, talk to their friends about it and make sure everyone in Bromsgrove and Droitwich who might benefit from a Makerspace knows about it!


Share the Facebook page, Re-Tweet us, or put up a poster in your local shop / club (you can download a PDF poster here). There are also some flyers you can download here to distribute at craft events and meetings.


If the campaign is successful, and we get our community workshop up and running, we will need people to help run it! Anyone with committee experience (especially running a non-profit, CIC or charity) will be invaluable to ensure the Makerspace is safe, compliant and properly organised.

Until then, our only requirement for volunteers is for people to tell everyone in Bromsgrove / Droitwich about the campaign. We've already had some interest and support from local councillors, and we hope this will grow as everyone realises the benefits of having a Makerspace in our area.


If the Makerspace dream becomes reality, then we'll also need volunteers to help organise workshops and events, and share their skills with others. In a Makerspace, you can do anything from a knitting circle to a basic welding evening - limited only by the skills of the people who get involved. If you know anyone, please tell them!

Can you knit? Sew? Make a cabinet? Weld? Solder? Change a plug? Embroider? Paint with oils? Whatever you can do, there's bound to be someone who would love to learn - and maybe you've got some skills to give back in return - a Makerspace brings you together to share those skills.


At this early stage, we're not looking for huge amounts of money or materials, because we don't have anywhere to put them (maybe you can help with that, too!). We would love a bit of help with basic expenses, and we've set up a GoFundMe for those:

We would like to print some leaflets and/or posters, do a little local & online advertising, and support our local charitable partners by hiring their rooms for FREE Makerspace events. Any surplus will help us bring in experts to our events, buy craft consumables for workshops, fund our registration as a CIC and maybe even pay for our own Public Liability insurance.

We're currently raising awareness, looking for help getting the word out, and building up enough local interest to drive the campaign forwards. One day, though, we will need to think about all sorts of things - starting with a permanent space: This could be an outbuilding, light industrial unit or empty shop. Once that's established, we will be very grateful for any donations of time, expertise, tools and materials. We've got a "wish list" and you can download a copy here - but we're a long way away from that at the moment!

How much will it cost?

Some Makerspaces charge a small monthly fee to use their facilities to cover utilities, insurance and rent. If we invite guests along to teach specific skills and run exciting events, there may be an affordable ticket charge.

Successful Makerspaces charge between £10 - £25 for monthly fees for a well-equipped workshop with 24/7 access (with the usual concessions). Events with guest teachers may cost up to £5 to cover costs. Some lucky Makerspaces have enough financial donations to ensure they never have to charge the communities they serve.

We don't know what sort of fees BDMS will charge, if any - that's a way down the line yet - but the idea is to keep it as cheap as possible for everyone in the local area. Makerspaces are run on a non-profit basis, with any surplus funds being reinvested in the project.