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BD Makerspace Repair Café FAQs

Welcome to the BD Makerspace Repair Café. It’s all pretty simple - you bring us your broken stuff and we’ll work together with you to try and help repair it. To keep things running smoothly, here are a few important "house rules":

  1. What can I bring? Literally anything you can carry (no fridges, anvils, cars etc.)! Our team has a lot of skills and we’ll have a go at most things from laptops to chairs - but we’re limited by our supplies (see point 5) and the tools we have with us.
  2. It’s your stuff! You must stay with your item at all times - we can’t be held responsible for items left unattended. You are responsible for the removal / disposal of your item. If we find stuff, but not the owner (unless by prior arrangement) we might mistakenly dismantle it for parts!
  3. No guarantees! Our volunteers will try their best to be helpful and repair your stuff - but we can’t fix everything. Remember: This is a service we offer for FREE! If we can’t help, we apologise... If we had a proper workshop (our ultimate aim), we’d be in a better position to repair ANYTHING. See point 5.
  4. Be lovely! Form an orderly queue, don’t be pushy, and be polite to our volunteers and your neighbours who are waiting, too. The Makerspace is all about bringing the community together and making new friends. Have a cuppa and a chat and we’ll be with you ASAP!
  5. Be generous! We kindly ask for a contribution to help us cover the cost of the room (we split your donations with our host) - any surplus will go towards running other FREE Makerspace events, to help run our campaign, and to cover the cost of our supplies. Donate online here.
  6. Tell your friends! We rely on support from people like YOU to get the word out about events like this (download our poster here), and the BD Makerspace community workshop campaign. If you like what we’re doing, tell everyone (especially those without access to the internet)... Or, better yet...
  7. Join us! We’re looking for crafters, DIYers, artists and engineers to get involved. One day we hope to set up a well-equipped workshop space to benefit everyone! If you’d like to volunteer or get involved, speak to one of our team or email!
  8. Support the Campaign! If you found today helpful, just think what else we could do! We’re already planning craft events, science & technology sessions, educational initiatives and all sorts of cool things. Keep in touch by following us on Facebook, Twitter and via the mailing list:


Disclaimer (the boring bit): The Bromsgrove & Droitwich Makerspace Campaign it’s volunteers or hosts cannot accept any responsibility for loss, damage or expenses for any item damaged or for any subsequent loss or damage caused after the event to any property or person however caused. No guarantees are offered or implied. No responsibility or liability for repairs or property is accepted by the Bromsgrove & Droitwich Makerspace Campaign. We retain the right to refuse repairs, advice or access to the venue under any and all circumstances.